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About Us

 Shri Adinath Jewellers try to bring true antique and rare collection, a heritage ornament for you with a deep thought of history. Celebrating a rich craftsmanship that has vanished through the centuries, our antiques bear true testimony to the rich cultural history of our region. We do a regular research on customer’s taste and changing preferences to cope up the needs of the upcoming generation.

From a humble beginning the journey has been eventful with many accolades and commendations for our commitment to the ancient art of jewellery making.

 Today, Shri  Adinath Jewellers has expanded its arms and has found in Hyderabad and an exclusive showroom at Market Street, Pot Market. We care for every Age-group person. Adorn your kids with trendy and antique jewellery with exhaustive themes and options. Gift your child all the glitter and sparkle in the world and match it up with their adorable smiles. Specially designed with trends and light-weight specially designed for Kids.

Founded on a passion for a fine jewellery, Shri Adinath Jewellers is the home for quality jewellery. Over the decades, Shri Adinath Jewellers has evolved as a leading player in fine jewellery. It has achieved milestones with an unsurpassed reputation for excellence in Designing, Manufacturing, Quality and Service. We have always ensured that we keep with the current trends and yet retain our rich cultural heritage. Our range has been a mix of traditional and modern designs catering to the sensibilities for every Indian woman. It has managed to create an aura in the minds of the people. Many more milestones to achieve.

Visit us for:

1: Latest and Best Designs.

2: Reasonable Prices other than dealers.

3: Fastest Delivery time for customized orders.

4: Best finishing even in minimum weight.

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